M.B. McLatchey is a poet and writer living, writing, and teaching in Florida. She is a Professor of Humanities at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Poet Laureate of Florida's Volusia County, Arts & Wellness Ambassador for the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and U.S. Ambassador to HundrED -- a leading international organization for educational innovation.


July 2021 - Exciting news! M.B. has been appointed as U.S. Ambassador to the International Organization of Education Innovators called HundrED. The organization is a global non profit with a mission to improve education through impactful innovations. "Everything we do starts with a child in mind and is based on our manifesto. We work with innovators, educators and funders in all continents."


July 2021 - Education in Literature Podcast. You can listen to M.B. (Beginner's Mind) and author Kevin McIntosh (Class Dismissed) discuss the philosophical underpinnings of their new education-themed books with Regal House Publishing's Jaynie Royal and Pam Van Dyk.  Jaynie and Pam do a spectacular job of getting to the story behind the stories while also eliciting foundational commentary from these seasoned pros on the challenges and rewards of teaching in today's age.

June 2021 - M.B.'s poem "The End of Knowing" has been published in The Criterion, a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes theoretical and research articles in English Literature and Language, Humanities and Social Sciences. The e-journal is produced by Rajaram College in India.

June 2021 - M.B. will be featured as an guest reader for the Midsummer Night's Pensive Reading on June 9th, hosted on Zoom by Northeastern University's Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service (CSDS) and the New England Poetry Club. Readings start at 7pm. RSVP preferred.

May 2021 - The Authors Guild has featured M.B. and her latest book, Beginner's Mind, in their Member Spotlight section. Check out her interview with this great resource for writers and learn more about why and how writer's write. M.B.'s advice: "Know everything you can know about the rules of writing so that you can comfortably and creatively break the rules."

May 2021 - IT'S A BOOK - 12.6 OUNCES!  Beginner's Mind was just released today and is available from Regal House Publishing as well as your favorite book outlets.  A long, but much needed journey that takes a fresh look at how we educate our children. "Thank you beyond measure to my publisher, my fellow writers, my two boys, my extended family, to so many new friends, and especially to my husband for supporting this dream every step of the way." - M.B

May 2021 - For a behind the scenes look at M.B.'s upcoming book, Beginner's Mind, be sure to check out her interview in the May/June issue of Florida's premier poetry magazine, Of Poets & Poetry. Heartfelt thanks to its wonderful editor Mark Andrew James Terry, brilliant interviewer Al Rocheleau, and all at the Florida State Poets Association that make this publication possible.


Apr. 2021- Welcome to M.B.'s new and improved website. The transfer of all of her data from the old 2005 Yahoo website to this modern and mobile-device-friendly platform will take several months to complete, but, the core work is done. Please excuse any broken links while the work is completed. 

Apr. 2021 - Enjoy Poetry Month by watching M.B.'s two latest installments of her Fresh Perspectives in Poetry video series produced by the Atlantic Center for the Arts. The April 7th release can be viewed here, and the April 14th release featuring poet Seamus Heaney can be viewed here. Thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging feedback, and requests for more.


Apr. 2021 - Just in time for April's Poetry Month, three new poems from M.B. have been published in literary journals: "Aftercare" in The Raintown Review , "On Forgetting Ash Wednesday" in Iris Literary Journal, and "Invocation" in Cider Press Review. Thank you to the editors for their recognition and support.

Mar. 2021 - M.B.'s poem "Ctrl+Z" has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of The Florida Review. The University of Central Florida journal publishes "exciting new work from around the world from writers both emerging and well known." Thank you to poetry editor Kenneth Hart.

Mar. 2021 - Thank you to Readers' Favorite for its Five-Star award to Beginner's Mind!

Mar. 2021 - Exciting news!! Regal House Publishing's upcoming release of M.B.'s latest  book, Beginner's Mind - From Shipyard to Harvard Yard: Embracing Endless Possibilities, is now only 2 months away! Get a preview of the book that parents and teachers have been longing for by checking out the very cool video trailer here. Available now for preorder.


Feb. 2021 - M.B.'s poem, "Another Inevitable Romance at Olduvai Gorge", previously accepted for publication by Science magazine in 1985, will reappear this summer in Avatar Review.


Jan. 2021 - M.B.'s poem "Ode for My Department Chair Who Left a Face Shield on My Desk" has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of the English Journal, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English. English Journal is NCTE’s award-winning journal of ideas for English language arts teachers in junior and senior high schools and middle schools.


Jan. 2021 - M.B.'s poem "Before the Common Era" has been published in the Australian
journal Quadrant. Thank you to their literary editor, Barry Spurr.


Dec. 2020 -  "Ode to the Heart", a poem in memory of fallen ERAU student-pilot Zachary
Capra, has been published in The Florida State Poets Association's Of Poets & Poetry.


Dec. 2020 - M.B.'s poem "Cues" has been published in The National Poetry Review. A warm
thank you to their editor-in-chief, Angela Vogel, and to Gina for her loving inspiration.


Dec 2020 - M.B.'s poem "Afterlives" has been published in the inaugural issue of Pensive: A
Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts. The annual publication is produced by The Center
for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service at Northeastern University in Boston. Our best wishes
for the continued success of their new endeavor.


Nov. 2020 - M.B. is thrilled to announce that Sky Island Journal has nominated M.B.'s poem
"Smiling at the Executioner" for the 2020 Pushcart Prize. The poem appeared earlier this year
in their Summer 2020 journal. Thank you to its amazing editors - Jeff and Jason.


Oct. 2020 - The premier release of the second part of M.B.'s Fresh Perspectives in Poetry
video series was off to a great start again, but ran into some technical glitches this time with
FaceBook preventing some participants from seeing the entire presentation. If you missed it,
or were one of those that ran into issues viewing it, you can view it in its entirety here. We look
forward to seeing you again in the spring for more sessions.


Oct. 2020 - The Atlantic Center for the Art's premier release of M.B.'s Fresh Perspectives in
Poetry video series got off to a fantastic start on 10/14 with a record turnout of nearly two-
hundred poets, writers, and art lovers. If you missed it, you can still view session 1 here.
Session 2 will be premiered on 10/21. Check here for details.  


Sep. 2020 - M.B. and co-author Edite Cunha are delighted to announce that their English
translation of Portuguese poet Maria Teresa Horta's poem "The Condition of the Verses" has
been published by the University of California, San Diego's Alchemy, a journal "committed to
publishing quality, contemporary translations of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction creative
writing." Thank you to Nolan Dannels and the editors of Alchemy and, as always, to Maria for
her generous support of the authors.


Sep. 2020 - M.B. and co-author Edite Cunha are thrilled to announce that their English
translation of "Verses" by  Portuguese poet Maria Teresa Horta has been featured this month
in SWWIM (Supporting Women Writers in Miami). A very warm thank you to SWWIM editors
Jen, Catherine, and Caridad, and to Maria for her generous support of the authors.


Aug. 2020 - The dates for ACA's online video series "Fresh Perspectives in Poetry" have been
set for October 14 and 21; two more are planned for next April. Join M.B. on a journey of
learning from the most notable masters of poetry, from Homer to modern, from sonnet to ode
to free-verse, and from America to the world.  Details here.


Jul. 2020 - The Blue Room Collective's much anticipated anthology, Grabbed, which
contains M.B.'s poem “Bingo Night for Missing and Exploited Children”, has just been
released by Beacon Press. Selected for inclusion earlier this year by poet Richard Blanco,
the collection of prose and poetry gives voice to those who have been abducted and exploited.


Jul. 2020 - Sky Island Journal has published M.B.'s poem "Smiling at the Executioner" in
their Summer 2020 journal of poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. Check out their
beautiful website.


Jun. 2020 - The Florida Humanities Council has awarded M.B., in partnership with Eve Payor
and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, a generous grant to produce a video series of poetry
discussions and online workshops. Look for more details this fall.

Jun. 2020 - Thank you to Robert D. Denham [McFarland & Co. Publishers] for recognizing
several of M.B.s ekphrastic poems in their edition of Poets on Paintings. M.B. has published
several poems that respond to visual art, and often incorporates this technique into her
poetry workshops. "Washday", named after the Grandma Moses painting, is a fine example.


Jun. 2020 - M.B.s poem "Invocation" has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue
of Cider Press Review. Founded in 1999 by Co-Publisher/Editors Caron Andregg and Robert
Wynne, CPR has been publishing the best of contemporary poetry for over two decades.


May 2020 - M.B.'s poem "On Forgetting Ash Wednesday" has been accepted for the Fall
issue of Iris Literary Journal.


May 2020 - M.B.'s poem "Afterlives" has been accepted for publication in the upcoming
inaugural issue of Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts. The annual
publication is produced by The Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service at Northeastern
University in Boston. The journal accepts works on spiritual topics, with a special interest in
work that deepens the inward life and promotes a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Upcoming Events

May 15, 2021 - Beginner's Mind book release.  Available now from Regal House Publishing and your favorite book suppliers.

Fresh Perspectives in Poetry
In partnership with Atlantic Center for the Arts and with sponsorship from The Florida Humanities Council, M.B. recently hosted a four-part video series on poetry. From the comfort and safety of your home or workplace, you can join M.B. on a journey of learning from the masters. Here are the links:   

  Oct. 14, 2020 - Part 1, session A  (Watch now)
  Oct. 21, 2020 - Part 1, session B  (Watch now)
  Apr.   7, 2021 - Part 2, session A  (Watch now)
  Apr. 14, 2021 - Part 2, session B  (Watch now)