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Poetry Workshop Reviews

Testimonials from Poetry Workshop Participants

This was a beautiful program, and it expanded my creative spirit and soul.

     - ACA 2023


This program was great for stretching the imagination. I wish it was ongoing!

     - ACA 2023

M.B. shared her insight in such an engaging and inspiring way. I truly learned a lot in this course, and it made me fall even more in love with writing and sharing poetry.

     - ACA 2023

I have never had a formal poetry class. I loved Everything. M.B. led with an ease, love and expertise to elicit and stretch our diverse class. Amazing.

     - ACA 2023

Wonderful! My mind and heart are elevated!

     - ACA 2023

This was the best poetry course I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken college poetry classes. I have a MA in English. M.B. really inspires and gives us amazing examples and tools to become better writers.

     - ACA 2023

M.B. is so professional and engaging. My heart is happy. My mind stimulated.

     - ACA 2023

I loved the facilitator, M.B. She’s an excellent teacher. Great person.

     - ACA 2023

Fun class!

     - ACA 2023



The best poetry course in Florida!   

    - ACA Member

Wow - who knew you would be there when I finally decided to let on I'm a poet ready to write again. Thank God! Thank you! Thank you, ACA, for facilitating this series!
    - Linda M.

I just loved your class. Thank you for facilitating this workshop! We covered so much in four weeks. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with you again! So sorry this is ending… it was so wonderful.
    - Vicki I.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful space to create!
    -  Carol B.

The workshop on poetry that M. B. McLatchey ran was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in a long time.  As a professional singer I have sung so many poems and studied them but never tried my hand at writing one.  I was nervous since most were already "poets".  M. B. immediately made me comfortable and I felt at ease to share what I was doing.   She was supportive and encouraging and has made me want to continue writing poetry.  I would take another workshop with her at the drop of a hat.  I cannot thank her enough for the insights and guidance she provided in an atmosphere of kindness and support.  
    -  Lucinda S.

I have very much enjoyed this course with you and wish it could go on much longer! Thank you!  
    -  Gwen H.

Thank you for your inspired leadership during this workshop experience.  I sincerely regret having missed the first two sessions.  My friend Carole invited me to your next to last session and I was smitten by your gentle and knowledgeable style.  My goodness - how fortunate for us you are willing to teach, lead, and inspire fellow poets!
    -  Linda M.

I have really enjoyed your enthusiasm and insights into what can make better poetry.  I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with the other poets…both those whom I know and others whose voices continue to inspire.
    -  Debbie H.

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