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Beginner's Mind

For parents of young children, their teachers, homeschooling parents, teachers
in training, and all adults interested in discovering a more loving way for children
to blossom in school, Beginner's Mind is the how-to book we have been waiting
for – a book that describes teaching the way we so passionately want it for our
children. Told through the eyes of a ten-year-old who, in real life, did go from
shipyard town to Harvard University, Beginner's Mind gently answers the
question, "How do we want teachers to teach, inspire, and guide our children?"

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The Lame God​

It is a hard fact that, to the artist, everything is material. We grit our teeth and use even the most personal catastrophes—our own and those of others—to make art. This is what the Classical authors did, and this is what M. B. McLatchey has done with her great subject in this book. The effect is powerful, and ultimately, The Lame God proves that if our traumatic experiences don’t destroy us, they can produce masterful works, in which human nature rises to its heights.
—  From the foreword by Edward Field, American poet and essayist, and judge for the 2013 May Swenson Award