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Selected Poems of
Maria Teresa Horta

Translated by:

M.B. McLatchey and Edite Cunhã

Published in Springhouse, Fall 2019




This is my epic
wrought in poetry
wounds and words

without gods without battles
without heroes or tears
without bronze armaments

Poem to poem to poem
passion after radiance after grace
in its truest form


Esta é a minha epopeia
feita de poesia
perdimentos e palavras

sem deuses sem batalhas
sem heróis nem lágrimas
sem o bronze das armas

Poema a poema a poema
paixão após fulgor após beleza
na sua dimensão mais ávida

Copyright © 2019  M. B. McLatchey &
Edite Cunha, with permission. All rights reserved.
Published in Springhouse, Fall 2019.

Copyright © 2017  Maria Teresa Horta,
from her collection Poesis.
Dom Quixote Publisher, Lisbon.

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