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Selected Poems of
Maria Teresa Horta

Translated by:

M.B. McLatchey and Edite Cunhã

Published in Metamorphoses, 2019




Poem after poem I write poetry
day after day, after night and startled
I clench and I whisper and again the tumult      

Poem by poem I write the disquiet
the translucent honesty of the wing, the harmony
which desires the verse in the body of light

Poem by poem I touch, assume
the body of the work, fondling the language
in a slow and inseparable indeterminable pleasure

I dream, past symbol, past metaphor
past syntax
Word after word, after word

after word…


Poema a poema escrevo poesia
dia após dia, após noite e sobressalto
cerro e sussurro e de novo tumulto

Poema a poema escrevo o desassossego
a translúcida lisura da asa, a harmonia
que deseja o verso no corpo da luz

Poema a poema vou tocando, tomando
o corpo da escrita, afagando a linguagem
num lento e indizível prazer indeterminável

Sonho, após símbolo, após metáfora
após sintaxe
Palavra após palavra, após palavra

após palavra...

Copyright © 2019  M. B. McLatchey &
Edite Cunha, with permission. All rights reserved.
Published in Metamorphoses, Fall 2019.

Copyright © 2017  Maria Teresa Horta, 

from her collection Poesis.
Dom Quixote Publisher, Lisbon.

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